Custom Paddle Hairbrush

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Our dream styling tools, made of the finest natural materials and in the most advanced ergonomic design customized for you!

  • Includes full size Thermal Protection spray and Velvet Brush Bag
  • Superior, ultra-dense blend of natural bristles leaves your hair lush, bouncy and gleaming with health.
  • Sculpted from sustainable, polished Mahogany, the special ergonomic handle makes salon-quality blowouts a cinch.
  • Boar bristles and crystal nylon pins lend a mild cleansing action at your hair's roots, loosening dead skin and product residue, while absorbing and distributing sebum down the hair shaft.

Brush hair and detangle effortlessly, use to create a sleek, shiny blowout, or use before washing to loosen dead skin cells and product residue to enable ultimate product efficacy.

Our brushes are made in Spain from ethically-sourced materials. Our Mahogany is sourced from non-endangered forests and our boar bristles are sustainably sheared.  Similar to shearing sheep, shearing boar hair does not harm the animal. 

Please note that PHILIP B. styling tools are hand made of natural wood. Slight variances in wood grain and color may occur and are normal.

Due to health restrictions, we cannot provide refunds or allow exchanges on items purchased from our Hairbrush Collection. Please select your purchase(s) carefully.

Please note that this hairbrush is FINAL SALE. 

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