Preventing and Treating Split Ends

Why do I have greasy roots and dry split ends? 

Starting about 4-6 inches from your scalp, hair loses access to its natural moisture supply – i.e., the lipids produced by the sebaceous glands in your scalp. Once hair loses that connection, it becomes more vulnerable. The mid-lengths get drier than the roots, and the ends get parched and brittle. At that point, the keratinized proteins in the hair fiber can start to crack and fray. 

How do you prevent split ends?

Brush more gently, sleep on a satin pillowcase (or in one of our Silky Smooth treatment beanies), and find ways to restore your hair’s lost moisture content. 

That means using shampoos and conditioners infused with light lipid moisture. (For coarse, curly or mature hair, I recommend my Russian Amber, Forever Shine, and Everyday Beautiful collections. If you have finer hair, try my Weightless Volumizing Conditioner.) It’s also a great idea to apply leave-in conditioner on the tips of towel-dried hair. The water will help distribute it. My Lovin’ Leave-In Conditioner is perfect for this – light and luscious. 

And it means regular Rejuvenating Oil treatments. More on that below! 

What if I already have split ends? 

Get regular trims (to help prevent split ends from traveling up the hair shaft); lower the temperature on your heated styling tools; and step up your conditioning routine.  

Needs vary, so think of your hair as money in the bank. You start with $1,000. Every time you bleach your hair, you’re making a major withdrawal – say, $250 in moisture content. Color without bleach? That’s $100. Chemical treatments, ditto: There’s always going to be a loss because your hair is chemically altered and won’t hold moisture the same way it used to. Swimming in chlorinated water costs $50. Each time you flat-iron, that’s another $25, and every blowout is $10. 

How to replenish your account? With Rejuvenating Oil treatments. Think of each treatment like a $225 deposit. The elevated mix of plant and flower oils mimics the natural lipids on your scalp to help ward off split ends, eradicate frizz and leave your hair feeling elastic and looking shiny and vibrant. The best thing about the Rejuvenating Oil is that, used in conjunction with my Peppermint Avocado shampoo and your favorite conditioner (like my Lightweight Deep Conditioner or Forever Shine Conditioner), it feeds the hair without making it greasy. Your hair holds what it needs and releases the rest, leaving it with swing and bounce versus puff, flyaways and dry ends.

What’s the best way to do a Rejuvenating Oil treatment?
Apply the oil to dry, unwashed hair. Use a blow-dryer for 10 minutes to heat and thin the oil, which will help it sink into the hair fiber. Let the oil sit for another 20 minutes or overnight. Then get in the shower and apply some Peppermint Avocado Shampoo. Work it into your hair, gradually adding water until you create a rich lather. Rinse well, then follow with conditioner (my Lightweight Deep Conditioner is ideal) to seal in the lipids that you’ve imparted back into your hair. Then rinse well again. 

Remember: With hair, it’s take and give, take and give. Strike the right balance, and you’ll always have a great hair day.

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