Caring for Curly Hair

How to wash, condition and detangle curls 

No question about it: Curls require a special kind of TLC. They’re fragile by nature. That’s partly because the natural conditioning oils on the scalp, which slide easily down straight hair, have have a harder time traveling down curls. Complicating matters, the cuticle of curly hair tends to lift a bit on the outside as it spirals, making it more prone to damage and moisture loss. To minimize breakage and keep your curls feeling fresh and springy, choose a shampoo and conditioner from my Forever Shine or Everyday Beautiful collection. The formulas contain tiny Safflower Oleosomes that contain featherweight botanical conditioning agents. They gradually release over time, keeping your curls looking bouncy, shiny and softly sculpted. Learn more about Oleosomes here.

No rough towel-drying — that generates frizz and could damage your hair. (Remember, hair is most fragile when wet.) Instead, gently blot your hair dry with a microfiber towel.

How to style curls

Always apply styling products to towel dried hair. I recommend using a curl cream with conditioning and de-frizzing properties, like my Mega Curl Enhancer or Weightless Mega Curl Enhancer — again, made with time-released Safflower Oleosomes to keep you in a state of curl perfection.

Limit blowdrying to twice a week, to avoid breakage, and always use a diffuser and a heat protectant, like my Thermal Protection Spray. And if you must use hot styling tools, keep them at the lowest setting!

How to refresh curls

To refresh your curls between washes, rub a dab of Mega Curl Enhancer between your palms and work it though the lengths and ends of your hair. That little trick can work wonders. 

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hi. In what order mega curl enhancer goes? right after the shower before applying other products or should i first pre with other products then follow the mega curl enhancer. please help! i bought alot of stuff from phillip B and i want to make sure im using it in the right way because my wavy hair still looks frizzy in some area l.

Norma August 08, 2023

hi…question? I

norma correa August 08, 2023

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