The Art of Brushing

Why is brushing important for scalp and hair health?

Brushing is a form of scalp treatment. It stimulates cell turnover and delivers natural sebum, the “hair’s food,” down the hair shaft which supplies essential nutrition and moisture. Every time you brush, you’re bolstering the strength of your hair to prevent future damage and restoring the translucency back to your cuticle layer, giving your hair and color incredible shine, dimension and a radiant glow. 

Brushing is recommended before shampooing hair. As you brush through the hair and scalp, you clear away cell build-up and dormant hairs, making way for new hair to grow. Think of brushing as a form of anti-aging! 

“Great hair comes from a greater scalp.” - Philip B.

Other Benefits of Brushing

  • Supports sealing the hair’s cuticle for incredible strength, shine and manageability
  • Enables thorough cleansing and improved penetration of hair and scalp treatments
  • Helps protect your hair against natural elements, chemical and thermal damage

Philip's Pro Tips: 

  1. Always brush dry hair. Use a wide-tooth comb for wet hair. 
  2. Brush before every shampoo. Our combination bristle Paddle Brush provides the most effective care for the hair and scalp and is recommended for optimal gentle exfoliation and oil distribution.
  3. Start brushing at the at the back/nape of the head and work your way around your head then up to the crown. 
  4. Use long, continuous strokes all the way through from the scalp to the ends.
  5. To finish, flip hair upside down to stimulate circulation and continue the process of distributing the oils for noticeable body, bounce and shine.

- Philip B. 

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