Detangling Toning Mist with Velvet Oud

What inspired you to create Detangling Toning Mist with Velvet Oud?

I designed my original Detangling Toning Mist so that the vinegar scent evaporates after 3 minutes. But some people don’t want to go through that stage, and I want them to enjoy the journey. This new formula gives them exceptional toning benefits but with the beautiful scent of Velvet Oud. After using my Forever Shine, Russian Amber or Weightless Volumizing shampoo and conditioner, it’s the perfect finishing touch. 

Instead of trying to mask the scent of Apple Cider Vinegar, I was inspired to use Citric Acid instead. It’s a little more subtle than vinegar, but works in the same way to bring down the pH of hair after a shower to an optimal level. I infused it with the gorgeous scent of Velvet Oud and added a form of Hyaluronic Acid (Hyaluronate) for additional moisture, conditioning and detangling benefits. The resulting formula represents an elevated concept in detangling and toning.  

What was the process like to create it? 

I looked at all the elements that could acidify hair without drying it out. Citric Acid was the winner – and the addition of Hyaluronate gives hair a moisturizing edge. Clients who use my Forever Shine and Russian Amber Imperial shampoos and conditioners tend to be at an age when the scalp is losing collagen and the texture of the hair is changing, often dramatically. So, their finishing products need to be incredible at making hair feel manageable and restoring a shiny appearance. 

It was important for me that the formula also had a beautiful scent. I chose our beloved Velvet Oud, with top notes of Mandarin, Peach, Apple and Lemon; middle notes of Jasmine, Rose, Lily of the Valley; and bottom notes of Oud, Sandalwood and Patchouli. Oud is usually a wintery or evening fragrance, but this blend is gorgeously chic year-round at any time of day. It’s sensual, romantic, gorgeous — a sexy scent that elicits a vibe and a feeling. It shifts your mood like a car changing gear. 

What hair types and concerns is it best for?

Anyone can use it, but it’s especially good for chemically damaged hair or older, aging hair. Detangling Toning Mist with Velvet Oud helps restore a pliable, elasticized feel to fragile strands— versus coating them in silicone. It can really change your game. 

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Amazing! I love that you create products for aging hair!

Jill Joanides November 02, 2023

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