Weightless Volumizing Hair Masque

What inspired you to create Weightless Volumizing Hair Masque? 

I have clients in 55 countries and many of them have fine, thin hair that’s been colored or chemically treated. That type of hair needs conditioning that’s intense but also weightless, which is not something that exists in the conventional hair-product world. 

The Weightless Volumizing Hair Masque is for people with fine hair that’s been color-treated, chemically-treated hair and/or bleached. Fine hair is fragile by nature, and once it’s chemically altered, it has a harder time holding onto moisture. This masque restores that lost moisture and uses a mix of featherweight proteins to seal it in. 

Most conditioners for fine hair try to mask the problem. By the second day, your hair feels greasy and sticky, or hard and brittle, because you haven’t restored moisture or body to the hair in any thoughtful and meaningful way. 

My inspiration was to give the fine-hair community what it really needs: a deep conditioning masque that addresses the delicate structure of thin hair, and offers the kind of weightless conditioning that only flower oils (which are thin like water) can deliver.

We typically think of oils as weighing hair down, but this is the opposite: The formula contains supremely light, sheer lipids from flowers like Heliotrope, Rose, Fleur D’Orange, Magnolia and Ylang Ylang to condition thirsty hair and leave it looking full and bouncy. I also added a targeted Amino Acid Complex to make fine strands feel supple and elastic, hold moisture longer while extending the life of your color and to make the ingredients extra effective, I encapsulated them in tiny, time-released Safflower Oleosomes. 

Bonus: Since the formula helps seal in moisture, it keeps your color looking glossy and vibrant days after use.

What was the process like to create it? 

I wanted to make sure that the masque offered a gorgeous scent and great performance — for me, they’re synonymous. I chose conditioning floral lipids that weigh practically nothing, and an advanced delivery vehicle (Safflower Oleosomes) that lets those lipids, along with Amino Acids and botanical hydrators, work their magic. Together, they allow fine hair to glow and bounce and shine and be at its best. 

The scent is a proprietary blend that I created for our Weightless Volumizing Collection. The collection contains pure essences of Magnolia, Orange Flower, Ylang Ylang, Rose and Heliotrope. Even people without fine hair have been using Weightless Volumizing products for the fragrance alone!

Why should PHILIP B. devotees be excited for the launch of this product? 

It scents the hair like you’ve never experienced before. The scent is light, floral, happy and heavenly – and the fact that the flower oils are embedded into your hair lets you feel them working. It’s an amazing sensation. I’m never looking just to create a scent. It always has to do more. With this, it was just about finding the scent of happiness. People say that it makes them feel happy and I love that. It brings joy.  

It’s also a formula that fine-haired people can discover, fall in love with and embrace as an essential. The ingredient deck alone reads like poetry and the formula conditions in a way that makes blowouts a dream, amping up thin, limp hair. I recently tried the masque on a fine-haired model, and afterward, her hair looked so full and sexy and gorgeous that she exclaimed, “I feel like Cinderella!” I love when a blowout goes like that. 

The Weightless Volumizing Masque is the perfect complement to my Rejuvenating Oil and Silky Smooth Beanie. The Rejuvenating Oil pumps up all hair types with botanical moisture. The Silky Smooth Beanie allows you to enjoy all the conditioning benefits of either the Rejuvenating Oil or Weightless Volumizing Hair Masque overnight, ensuring optimal conditioning benefits and a mess-free nights sleep. 

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