Sensitive Scalp Care: The Gentle Conditioning Collection

What inspired you to create Gentle Conditioner? 

I was inspired by a set of customers who are often neglected by the haircare world: those who need products free of colorants and fragrance. Even now, there aren’t many choices for that group, especially when it comes to luxury. I have so many clients who love my Gentle Conditioning Shampoo. This, at long last, is its conditioning counterpart. It’s ultra-mild, colorant-free, fragrance-free, ultra-moisturizing, and perfectly plain.

Do you have any pro-tips for use? 

Apply Gentle Conditioner to soaking wet hair, squeeze it in and let it sit for at least two minutes. That will help the formula sink into strands more deeply for optimal results. Gentle Conditioner can also be used as a leave-in conditioner. Work a dime-size amount down the length of damp, towel dried hair for a silky smooth leave-in treatment. 

What key ingredients did you select and why? 

I started with Shea Butter, a sumptuous emollient that's rich in different types of fatty acids. Used at the right percentages, it’s moisturizing, yet super-lightweight, which makes it perfect for detangling all hair types and improving the look of bounce and shine. I also added lavish doses of Vitamin B5 plus Wheat and Soy Proteins for extra conditioning benefits. 

The formula does not contain added fragrance or colorants. My goal is to give people amazing hair days without compromise. Gentle Conditioner is part of that mission. It works for everyone to detangle and improve the appearance of shine and bounce, and leaves your hair feeling supremely manageable and voluptuous. It’s incredible to get that kind of result from an ultra-gentle, sensitive-friendly formula that you can use everyday.

Who is the Gentle Conditioning Collection best suited for? 

The Gentle Conditioning Collection is wonderful for all hair types, especially people with sensitive scalps due to factors such as skin conditions, allergies, or reactions to harsh chemicals in hair products. Pregnant women often experience heightened sensitivity due to hormonal changes, which can make their scalps more prone to irritation and their sense of smell more acute. Similarly, those undergoing chemotherapy treatment often have sensitive scalps due to the harsh effects of the medication on their skin and hair follicles.

Sensitivity to fragrances often stems from allergic reactions or irritation caused by synthetic scents. A color and fragrance-free hair and scalp care routine is best for minimizing irritation, reducing the risk of allergic reactions, and maintaining overall scalp health.

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