Maui Wowie Volumizing Mousse

What inspired you to create Maui Wowie Volumizing Mousse

I wanted to create a mousse that was aerosol-free yet high-performing and a joy to use. I was specifically thinking about the needs of people with fine, limp and/or thinning hair, and anyone who wants more volume and texture. The formula is ideal for making fine, thin hair feel thicker and more voluminous without a trace of stickiness. It’s eco-friendly, aerosol-free with virtually no plastics, and incredibly effective at giving hair a full, voluptuous feel with lots of texture. 

What are the key ingredients and their role in creating volume and texture

No one had ever created a virtually plastic-free, aerosol -free texturizing mousse before. Instead of relying on conventional mousse ingredients, we used Marine Extracts and Wheat Proteins to give hair a beachy, voluminous look with just the right amount of touchable, moveable hold.

Marine Extracts contain salts that help build up the hair shaft for a thicker, fuller look. Wheat Proteins help hair retain moisture, making it feel more elastic while boosting the appearance of bounce and shine. Both ingredients bond to the hair shaft but are water-soluble. So the formula performs beautifully and washes out easily. 

What makes Maui Wowie Volumizing Mousse different from Russian Amber Imperial Mousse (and other mousse in general)? 

It’s completely non-aerosol. It’s lighter than Russian Amber Imperial Mousse and other mousses in general. It doesn’t use plastics to plump the hair shaft, but instead relies on nature to create a thicker, uplifted look without feeling sticky or crunchy. It also has an incredibly light and sophisticated scent that transports you to paradise.

How do you recommend incorporating Maui Wowie Volumizing Mousse into a haircare routine for best results?

Put a golf ball-sized puff of mousse in your hand, rub it between your palms, and work it through your towel-dried hair – keeping it close to the roots but not directly on the scalp. Style as desired. If you have fine hair, you might want to partially dry your hair and then spot dry with a round brush. Or with curls, you may want to scrunch your hair and let it air dry for a bouncy, touchable look. 

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