Micellar Molecules

What are Micellar Molecules?

Micellar Molecules are lipids that arrange themselves in a specific and uniform (usually spherical shape) within an aqueous solution. These molecules have a unique capacity of being mixed without separation because they are amphipathic in nature, which means they have both hydrophilic and hydrophobic components. They are unique molecules capable of mixing with both oil-based and water-based substances.
The word “Micellar” originates from France, where it was used in an aquatic skincare solution back in the early 1900s.  However, the first mass-produced Micellar product came about in the 1950s.
Why are Micellar Molecules excellent for cleansing the scalp?

The complexity of the compound and its ability to mix with both water and oil make Micellar Molecules effective at gently removing all forms of dirt, oil, debris and contaminates. Micellar Molecules also increase our skin’s permeability, allowing cleansing agents to reach a deeper layer of the scalp or hair. It can also restore balance to the scalp and hair, creating more shine, extra body and youthful bounce.

Did you know that naturally, all hair holds less than 1% of sebum per strand. Because hair holds so little moisture, protecting nature’s moisturizing factor is key to hair health! 

Which hair types benefit from Micellar Molecules? 

Anyone can benefit, especially those with a sensitive scalp or those who have a tendency for irritation, inflammation or atopic dermatitis. Micellar Molecules are also excellent for those that use a lot of hair product, as it breaks down build-up that weighs down strands. It also effortlessly removes environmental pollutants like smoke that embed into the hair, allowing your hair to immediately return to feeling and smelling clean and fresh. 
For those who are not daily washers, Micellar Molecules are a great “gentle giant,” as it’s enough to cleanse and promote hydration when used in between deep cleansing washes. Misting Micellar Molecules on hair with a product like Weightless Conditioning Water is a quick and easy refresh, something I have been doing for years and years on myself! 
Which PHILIP B. products contain Micellar technology? 

Weightless Conditioning Water & Weightless Volumizing Shampoo

- Philip B.

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