Silky Smooth Sleep Mask

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Designed from silk-alternative (rPET), our Silky Smooth Sleep Mask is the luxurious accessory for relaxation day and night. Experience serenity with our silk-alternative sleeping mask, thoughtfully designed for unparalleled comfort. 

  • Silk-alternative (rPET) helps to provide a luxurious friction-free barrier. 
  • Adjustable ear-fastening straps eliminate any pressure on the head, ensuring a perfect fit without disrupting your hairstyle or causing tangling, creasing, knotting, and breaking. 
  • Unique oversized design provides ample coverage and generous padding, blocking out all light for a deep sleep or peaceful meditation experience.  

Hand wash in cold or lukewarm water with a mild soap. Lay flat on a dry towel. 

rPET, elastic 

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